Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paul S.

A colleague of Paul's passed by and asked if he could read Paul's portrait. He ran his eyes over the page, nodded and said, "She's got you right: shifty." I had to do a fair bit of damage control after this. My mother suggested the word "alert", and Paul said not only did he sound shifty, but also exhaustingly intense. Several hours later, with Paul was still sporadically quoting, or misquoting, from his portrait ("'Hooded eyes'", "'Darting this way and that'"), I finally said, "You're more used to looking than being looked at. So you haven't learnt to disguise what your eyes are doing, and what is catching your interest." This seemed partially to soothe him.

Oh, and the word at the end should be "WIFE'S". My typo lends the observation an unintentionally lewd air.

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