Sunday, May 22, 2011


Martha was waiting for her parents to come out of a session. As you can see, our customer-count for the day had wildly exceeded my expectations, and I had run out of letterhead.


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  2. Okay- revised revision of my comment...

    Not to stalk or anything, but I've been trawling through your blog since sunday (when you did my portrait) and all of your portraits are so descriptive; it almost gives me goosebumps! I love them; you should put them together in a book or something.

    Speaking of books, I really enjoyed yours. Well, the first 20 pages that I read while I was waiting in line.

    Coincidentally this is my portrait...I didn't want to creep on anyone else's. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that, but I don't mind, I think its perfect and fantastic.

  3. Dear Martha,

    I enjoyed doing your portrait! - as I said, I liked that you didn't need to smile reassuringly at me. And I'm always relieved to find out that a sitter hasn't been permanently traumatised by what I said about their face.

    I liked your comments about Gossip Girl, which I've never watched and never will, especially after reading about your long "want to buy" list that you are compelled to compile as you watch it. I am planning to start watching tv when my legs and arms don't work any more, but as long as the limbs are usable, I just can't bear tv. And I suspect I would just do more reading if I were laid up. Tv messes with my thoughts. Which is a shame, because I reckon there is some good story-telling going on there.

    And thanks for liking what you read of 'Showgirl and Brumby'!

    Nice to meet you,