Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our second attempt: Hyde Park

After the previous day's triumph, we returned to our spot in the fig avenue in Hyde Park.


I allowed myself to use the word "beautiful" because Uma is a child.

Rebecca Shipley

Later I realised I was trying to describe a sea-shell. Later still a friend (Paul) was reading over our descriptions, and he said the "deep sockets" made this woman sound ghoulish. That wasn't my intention. She was lovely looking, but what sort of a description is "lovely looking"?


Charise and Tom

Charise and Tom were possibly on their first date.


Celia needed extra time to finish her sketch of me, so she got a few more lines than some of our other customers. There is often more to say about the faces of older people. She insisted on reading aloud my description of her: "A writer must hear her work!" Thankfully, this one was a description that I was happy with.

Celia's drawing of Lucy describing her