Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our first busk: Hyde Park

Stella and I had gotten our busking licences a few days previously, and with excitement and trepidation, we hauled our milk-crates etc. to Hyde Park and set up on a park bench. Stella broke the ice while I sat there and doodled. Then suddenly we had an unbroken supply of customers (at times, a queue of two!), and a couple of hours later, we had used up all the 'letterhead' I had drawn up. It was a success! We had made about $17 each (this is a business proposition, after all).


Our first brave customer. Also includes a few lines of 'atmos', typed while Stella was trying to talk someone into sitting for me.




I was trying to avoid saying, "He's handsome."



Lucy describing David in Hyde Park, Sydney


While David sat on the bench, his friend Johannes stood a bit back and laughed at him. Then it was Johannes's turn.


Johannes's face has stayed in my mind. I think I might use parts of it for Friedrich Scheuermann, one of the characters in the novel I am writing at the moment.



Stella McDonald

I've known this face since it didn't have any eyebrows. Or head hair. It's a pleasure to describe a face that I know so well.

Stella and Lucy awaiting customers in Hyde Park, Sydney