Monday, May 16, 2011

First session during the Sydney Writers' Festival

Our plan was to await the masses of writerly hopefuls who were going to be milling around outside the Mitchell Library during the "How to make sure it's YOUR novel and not the person-sitting-next-to-you's that gets published" expert panel. However, Macquarie Street was rather deserted, shady and damp, so we walked to our old spot in Hyde Park.

Connor Mackay

I asked Connor what he had done today so far - being a sleeper-innerer myself, I am used to hearing a whole litany of activities that have been accomplished before I have even pulled out my ear-plugs. Connor looked like a well-organised, efficient young man, but I was pleasantly surprised when he replied, "Nothing! I ate bacon and eggs!"


Through no fault of Robert's, I pretty much ended his portrait with a little tantrum directed at the English language. His round eyes huddled together near his nose. They were very sweet, endearing eyes, but I couldn't figure out how to say describe them honestly and politely at the same time.


Diana is a writer, but she sat for us only after we assured her that we had nothing at all to do with the official program of the Sydney Writers' Festival.